It’s very human to take your good health for granted. But if you want to be sure, you should always plan for the unexpected. Major illness is tough to deal with, nobody needs the added financial impact that comes with it.

Give yourself, and your children, the best chance of recovery 
Major illness is tough to deal with, so nobody needs the added financial pressures that it can bring.

If you were seriously ill, could you cover the cost of your treatment, and pay the regular household bills, while taking the time off you need to recover?

How hard would it be on those who depend on you? And, if a child of yours were ill, could you spare the time to support them with their recovery?

Good health can’t be taken for granted – so it pays to plan for the unexpected.

Level premiums vs annual increases
Did you know that you can have insurance where the premiums stay the same year after year? Forwood For Life offers you the choice. Ask us about level premiums today.


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