Income Protection

We work to put food on the table, clothes on our backs and to look after the ones we love. If for some reason you are unable to work, that’s where we step up, to make sure you are still covered. Forwood For Life income protection insurance pays a regular benefit if you can’t work in your own occupation because of illness or injury.

Income protection provides for you and your family when you can’t
Nobody is bullet-proof. We all get sick and injured, and sometimes it affects our ability to work – and those who depend on our income.

Who’d pay the mortgage, your everyday bills and other expenses such as school fees, if you were unable to work?

At times like these, you need a helping hand financially – and you can’t always rely on ACC.

How does income protection work?
This type of cover pays a regular benefit if you can’t work in your own occupation due to illness or injury. It begins after a stand-down period of your choosing and is paid for a period of time that you decide.

Get covered with confidence
Forwood For Life are always here to help with your insurance needs, should your circumstances change or you need to make a claim.

There are three cover options to suit your needs: 

  • disability income protection – monthly payments, plus additional benefits to support rehabilitation and a return to work
  • mortgage and income protection – helps cover your mortgage or rent, and other expenses
  • essential disability income protection – a lower-cost option for those working in occupations that prevent them from purchasing regular protection

Optional benefits include specialist and diagnostic testing, and accidental injury cover.


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