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Owner & Financial Advice Provider


Forwood for Life owner and financial advice provider Frank Wood has many years of industry experience behind him, and with that comes the knowledge a great deal of New Zealanders insurance plans are not cost effective.

Frank promotes Level to 80 premium insurances as he believes it works better for those getting on in years, particularly if signed up for in their 30’s.

For example, if a couple aged 36 and 39 were to take out Life insurance of $200K each, providing they are in good health and non-smokers, their monthly premium would be approximately $116.00 a month. The main benefit of this type of insurance being that for the next 44 and 41 years respectively, the couple would continue to pay the exact same amount each month. No increases in premiums would allow them to continue paying and therefore keep the insurance they may require in their later years. Alternatively, the same couple nearing their 60’s who have what Franks terms “throw away insurance” could be paying premiums upwards of $500 a month depending on their requirements and health. Once retired, many will struggle to pay this premium and therefore allow their insurances to lapse, right when they need it the most.

Frank concentrates on his clients having ownership of their life cover and believes level to 80 premium insurance is the sensible option. Having started with FAL Life in the 1989 and achieving New Agent of the Year, which he also received in 1990 working for National Mutual and in 1995 he received Southland LUA.

In 1998 Frank qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) recognising him as the top 5 per cent of insurance agents across the globe. In 2009 he achieved Life Membership and Court of the Table for MDRT and in June 2011 was appointed flag bearer for New Zealand at their annual meeting in Atlanta Georgia.

A good portion of his business is based around renewals as he offers his clients as effective long-term policy.

Kerrie Hibbs – Financial adviser and Office manager has been with Forwood since 2009. Kerrie has her New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5) version 2 since 2021. Kerrie can assist you with any insurance enquires you may have.

Natascha Kelliher – Administration is the newest member of our team and can help with any enquires you may have.

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