Rural Protection

New Zealand farms are the primary produce backbone of our economy. The operational risks of working the land are numerous and you need an adviser who understands this at a fundamental level. Every farm is subtly different and so your insurance needs will be unique to your region, your livestock, your tools and the folly of Mother Nature.

Keep your farm running, when you can’t…
Running your own farm can be tremendously rewarding, but it’s also physically demanding, and comes with many responsibilities.

Should illness or injury leave you or your partner unable to work, could your farm or share-milking business carry on without you? It’s not a risk worth taking.

When it comes to farming, continuity is everything. So, you need a plan in place to protect you from the unexpected.

What is Rural Protection Insurance?
Rural Protection Insurance provides a monthly payment to secure the future of your farm or share-milking business, should you become disabled due to an accident or illness, and be unable to work more than 10 hours a week.

It’s based on a simple ‘agreed value’, without ACC payments affecting your benefit.

Because every farm is different, you choose the amount of cover you need: up to 35 per cent of your turnover, to a maximum of $10,000 per month.

The application process is simple, and only minimal proof of financial income is required.

There are also a range of optional add-ons, including adding ACC offsets, partial disability income cover, a peak season benefit, and business income support; plus Specialist and Diagnostic Testing Benefit with Best Doctors.

Get covered with confidence
Forwood has been working with leading insurance providers to do the best for you and your business.

And we’re always there to help with your insurance needs should your circumstances change, or you need to make a claim.

Level premiums vs annual increases
Did you know that you can have insurance where the premiums stay the same year after year? Forwood For Life offers you the choice. Ask us about level premiums today.


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